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The salon/spa industry is very diverse in the menu of services that the professional provides. Aurora Beauty Company supports the industry in many of the highly specialized areas. On this page, you will find the complete brow category featuring Perfect Eyelash , Micha Artista Brow , and RefectoCil with product and training. Aurora Beauty Company believes in quality products that get results and training that give them the confidence to deliver.


Aurora Beauty Company in BC supplies beauty products by Perfect Eyelash and RefectoCil . Our offerings include:

    Eyebrows       EDUCATION


Perfect Eyelash Henna Brow  offers an ombre look to the eyebrow that is semi-permanent. With the Henna technique, the professional uses organic plant material to stain the skin and the hair which gives a soft full brow effect. There is an art to the application and success of this service so hands-on education is good to receive. In our classes, you must be already doing brows to add in the henna brow. The new hybrid tint gives color to the brow hairs and stains the skin to fill the brow. The Brow Class is ideal if you are adding brow services to your menu as you learn everything.


Brow Lamination is a great add on to any brow service. The technique smooths the wiry, curly, stubborn hair and lays it flat which creates a full brow look. This service is coupled with either tinting or henna and must be done carefully to ensure proper skincare and application. This is a simple technique to learn, but it is useful to have a proper kit, training and certificate.

Allround browstyling_1_1080x1080.png
before and after brow treatment

RefectoCil is a long-standing brow tinting product from Europe that consists of a wide range of colours to tint all facial hair properly. They also have a lightening cream that is used to lighten the brows for a colour change or for stubborn grey brows. The brow lamination is done with their solutions and can be learnt on their webinars for the professional. You should take a class and have a certificate if you are offering these services.


We offer a full brow class that is more for the professional wanting to learn brow services as everything is covered, including hygiene, hair growth, design, face shape, mapping, threading, waxing, tweezing, tinting, lightening, henna and lamination. The full brow class reflects an intro kit to get you started in everything, sterilization, theory and your hands on as a foundation to your continued practice in a professional environment. Otherwise, the add on advanced classes are great for the esthetician, stylist and brow specialist to continue to grow their menu.

Artista Brows

Microblading is a form of cosmetic tattoo artistry that involves the manual method of implanting pigment into the skin to produce crisp hair strokes that perfectly mimic natural brow hair. Eyebrow Embroidery and 3D Hair Stroke methods are all forms of Microblading. It is done using an extremely fine and precise manual blade. We offer the course through Micha brand and our expertise. We encourage the lash expert to take the other brow classes first and have some experience in eyebrow shaping before taking Microblading. The esthetician also needs to make sure the eyebrow skills are updated or practiced.


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