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Aurora Beauty Company has provided hundreds of classes and shows to the beauty industry for the last 18 years. Michelle West, being a pioneer in the north for building education for the professional, has taught over 1,000 classes herself and still brings the passion to the professional each season.


Thanks to all of you for such a great career and for supporting Aurora Beauty Company through the years. We strive to uphold the highest quality of education and are bringing you more this season in each class. We want to give back to the professional on all levels to make it all about you. We love sharing the passion of what you do and seeing how that reaches out to the community. When you are a success, we have done our job.


For all classes, you must book in advance with a 50% deposit. If the class is postponed, your deposit moves to the next class, another class or supplies from the store. NO REFUNDS.

Classes are held at the PG store 740 3rd Ave and usually run from 9 AM - 5 PM. Models need to be in your circle and cannot hang out before or after the class. PPE is provided for your safety.

To register send info either email or text 250-613-9716 . Deposit e-transfer to the same email. If you are paying with a credit card you must pay the full amount. If you do not show up for a class, leave while class is happening, or cancel 24 hours before, there are no refunds and monies is at the discretion of Aurora Beauty Company.


We believe in our industry as a profession that requires training.

We believe that it is our job to know everything about the products we sell and how they work for you.

We believe the professional should be recommending products to the consumer based on your advice, and it is our job to help you do that.

We believe it is our job to support you and your team with ongoing technical information and education regarding our brands.

We believe we work for you in every way and strive to always bring our best to the table.

We believe that each professional has a responsibility to continue learning.

We believe in the big picture and represent a full line as a system.

We believe in working with your needs and budget.

We believe that products and tools must get results.

The education is designed to provide a wide range of classes in each category within our means as we work 24/7 to bring you this schedule. We will provide excellence in each class, but we need you to pre-book at least two weeks prior to the event and pre-pay a deposit that is non-refundable. We require a minimum for each class, so if the bookings are not made, and we have to cancel, your deposit will go towards another class.

beauty classes

This list can change as we move through the season. If we get a demand for a second class, we can place another date. Book in advance. Prepay with a deposit. If we do not get enough participants, we may have to postpone or cancel.


Classes are confirmed ten days before, so do not procrastinate.

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