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Aurora Beauty Company wants the stylist that believes in 'salon only' products. Chenice is one of the few hair care lines that can still say they are professional only. Not only is Chenice family-owned and operated, but Aurora Beauty Company is the Western Canadian Distributor. We pride ourselves in this relationship with a like-minded company that shares the dedication to the industry. The products are designed for the professional to cocktail and be creative. We do not overload you with unneeded sku's and support you with the education to work with your product. Keep your clients supporting you by buying salon products and teach them what they need and how to use it. We value the purpose of you, the artist, and want to support your success. Join the Chenice team and reclaim your authentic passion. Our offerings include:

Hair care


Shampoo for damaged hair to repair over processing or abuse.

Mask is for a weekly moisture protein treatment or a daily repair.

Multi-Vitamin Oil is used for a repair treatment once a week or daily control on ethnic hair.

Pure Sheen is a shine product to protect from heat tools and finish a look. This line is also used for the home maintenance of the Chenice Hair Extensions.

Argan Oil is a natural emollient that restores the health of the hair.

IFIX Generation Line

Forming Glaze is a styling tool used on wet hair to shape and design all hair types.

ShapeIt is a modelling gum for a strong, creative look. It adds texture and body to wet or dry hair.

Aqua Wax is a creative styling tool that adds texture, shine, definition and holds to both wet or dry hair.

FixIt is an extra-strong gel for coarse hair and long-lasting looks.

Wet Look is a flexible gel with light to medium hold, superior shine and definition.

Volumizing Mousse adds body, bounce, hold and volume for all hair types. They can be used wet or dry.

Forming Lacquer is a strong-hold styling tool with a shine for all hair types. They can be used wet or dry.

Power-Shine is a versatile medium-hold spray for working, finishing and defining updos with superior shine.

Chenice Hair Care

Crystal Wash for normal treated hair.

Regal Wash is for thinning hair and hair loss for both men and women.

Ampoules for home maintenance for stimulating hair growth.

Clarifying Shampoo for backbar and home use to remove styling aid buildup, medication residue and minerals.

Herbal Masque for moisture daily or weekly and can be left in the hair.

Intent Conditioner for protein on a daily or weekly basis.

Active Conditioner to use as a detangler, activate curl, control static and add moisture.

Moulding Gel is used as a traditional gel.

Designing Gel is a thin sculpting lotion for sets, cutting and easy control in finer hair.

Straight and Shine for smoothing out the hair prior to using a flat iron.

Violet Wash is a vibrant shampoo to tone the unwanted yellow in the hair.

Synergy Wash is for oily scalp, dandruff and any scalp conditions. Mild for everyday use will not strip the natural oils and help to balance the sebum production.

Moisture Wash is for dry scalp conditions to moisturize and provide relief for the scalp that has lost its natural moisture factor from lifestyle, processing or medication.

Color Keep Shampoo and Mask are designed for the gentle maintenance of delicate hair colours to nourish and protect.

Whytwelve gives nourishment, protection, texture, shine, definition and health to the hair.

Argan Oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E, which protects from external aggression for dry, fragile, brittle and lacklustre hair.



Aurora Beauty Company wants a stylist that believes you are an artist. We believe that you require a colour line that gives you the tools to be creative, not to become generic and overload you with an inventory. Chenice is designed for the artist. The pure Italian pigments give you vibrant long-lasting colour. Liposome Technology gives the hair body, bounce and shine. The line is kept simple so you can be creative. Precise mixing and your own formulas empower the 'salon only' colour techniques. This line is a beautiful marriage between the fashion and trends of Italy and the boldness and visual of Beverly Hills. Chenice Liposome Color will cover your grey clients, deliver vibrant reds and give amazing results with your blondes. We encourage you to make a change, keep growing and find the artist again. Chenice empowers you to create the trends and set the pace for your community. We can help you deliver. The Cadillac of colour for the stylist that wants to be connected with the European ideas of the true colour.


Hair Treatments

Bottox For Hair: This European treatment is new and exciting. For all of your clients with dry hair, Bottox delivers Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen and Keratin to nourish the hair back to health with moisture, repair and that youthful volume that gives your hairstyle and the body it needs. This treatment is easy to learn and can generate good revenue for your salon.

Keratin Smoothing System: This treatment is for your clients that have over-processed hair and severe damage. This Keratin treatment has different molecular sizes so that the Keratin reconstructs from the inside out, repairing all the damage, the frizz and the split ends. The end result will be smooth, lustrous hair that will straighten easily in the morning and be shiny and healthy. Once again, another great treatment for revenue and results.


Biological Waving System: It is a 3-in-one revolutionary way to change the hair. You can use this product as a high-end perm that uses more natural technology to give beautiful curls. You can also use this product to create volume in a hairstyle and root lift. You can also use this product to give a more straightened look smoothing out the hair but leaving somebody in it.


Kerabond Cataplasm: The emulsion of natural green and red clays for the treatment and prevention of dandruff and oily scalp. This treatment is also soothing, healing and detoxifying.


Color Filler: Pure Pigment with Thermal Water – This line of 4 shades of colour filler can be used as a pre-pigmentation, re-pigmentation, added to Color Keep Shampoo, Color Keep Mask and into a colour formula.


Hair Extensions

Chenice Keratin Extensions

A natural way to add volume, length and colour to anyone's hair without the commitment of long-term change. Charge per strand, for volume application or full head. We train you in the application, marketing, aftercare and consultation. This specialized service is popular but tricky knowing what works and how to groom your clientele for success. You can get into the extension system in a small kit for an individual operator and a larger kit for a full salon. The education comes with the purchase of the system so that we can make sure you are confident with the technique and product use. You can also do fantasy extensions without the long process and fading. We also carry human hair clips in extensions in pieces and full sets of high quality. We have a selection of synthetic hairpieces and add-ons for your thinning clients or the wedding updos.



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