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The salon/spa industry is very diverse in the menu of services that the professional provides. Aurora Beauty Company supports the industry in many of the highly specialized areas. On this page, you will find the complete eye category featuring , Perfect Eyelash and RefectoCil with product and training. Aurora Beauty Company believes in quality products that get results and training that give them the confidence to deliver.


Aurora Beauty Company in BC supplies beauty products by Perfect Eyelash and RefectoCil. Our offerings include:

   LASHES            EDUCATION


Perfect Eyelash  is a high-quality European Lash Company that upholds excellent training protocol and honours the relationship between the distributor and manufacturer. Perfect Eyelash is only used by trained professionals, and the product is only sold within the industry. We feel very confident in our classes and teach an advanced version, so that many have converted to us and were happy with the additional training. We support our lash experts to be successful and give them the tools needed to accomplish this. We teach 3D application, marketing, disease, removal and all of the tricks of the trade. We would love to have you join the team. For our existing lash experts, we offer an advanced level of training that helps the technician perfect the stacking or fanning butterfly effect and teaches the lower lash technique. Then once the lash expert has a year of experience under their belt, the Russian volume gives another XD technique to learn and offer.

Lash Lift is a spa treatment that is used to open the eye area and lift the lashes up to a more stunning look. The lashes appear curled and make it easier to apply lash on the lash or can be used to beautify the eyes while taking a break from the lash application. The added steps ensure a beautiful result with the Micha Brand. The class includes a kit, manual and certificate so that the professional can be confident in the service.

RefectoCil has been giving professional, beautiful results for years and continues to offer excellent products. The professional can take an advanced class to update the procedures and techniques of this line. Tinting the lashes have always been popular to give depth and colour, which opens up the eye and provides a waterproof dramatic lash look year-round. The addition of perming also gives a beautiful curl to the lash to improve the overall look. The perming technique is used when dealing with a longer lash that needs a definite curl. The perming includes cotton rods of various sizes and specialized white glue. The lash lift uses a silicon pad of various sizes and a clear glue. The lift technique is good to use on shorter lashes and thicker lashes. The perm solution and neutralizer are used for both. The class equips the professional with the product needed and technique along with a manual and certificate.


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