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Aurora Beauty Company distributes a wide range of nail products, tools and supplies to the nail technician and esthetician throughout B.C. We represent Akzentz , a B.C. manufactured product that is only sold to the professional. Some of the products we carry include:

Gel Polish

Akzentz has a beautiful gel polish called Luxio that is manufactured in B.C. High shine and easy to apply, this service gives the client a longer-lasting colour with strength and durability. Using LED, your 30 second cure time speeds up your service and gives a beautiful result. We use Luxio in manicures, pedicures and throughout our nail services. We have a specific class that teaches you application and art with this product.


Aurora Beauty Company is pleased to introduce the newest technology in the nail industry for curing. The Hybrid light reduces UV gels to 1 minute and continues with an LED for 30 seconds.

LCN Laquish UV/LED Gel Polish is the ultimate solution for the toes. No base required, no sealant required, no dispersion layer to remove. Time-saving and the product contains Mycotic agents to combat Onychomycosis often found in toenails and fingernails.

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different colors of nail paints


Options soak-off UV/LED gels offer the perfect complement to any of your professional nail services. From gel nail enhancements to the ultimate manicure or pedicure, Akzentz Options delivers strength, flawless results and long-lasting wear. Professionally applied by using a gel brush for the precision and control you desire. 100% pure gel that contains no solvents and comes in a wide variety of colours and sculpting with refill tubes. Aurora Beauty Company offers a class to teach sculpting with soak off and art using the pot colours.


Gel Play

This creative line from Akzentz allows the artist in you to be expressive. Whether you are designing a backdrop for a stiletto or needing to draw a portrait, these paints are vibrant pigments with artistic versatility. A multi-purpose gel that lives up to the demands of the professional nail technician, creating each masterpiece.


Pro-Formance Gel is the latest most advanced line of sculpting gels released from Akzentz. With new technology and a successful history of creating the most exciting gels once again, Akzentz delivers the top-performing products for the professional. This system caters to all the nail technicians’ clients, preferences and styles. Aurora Beauty Company can help you learn more about this product and offers a 2-day class to perfect your application.


LCN offers customized bonding solutions to meet the needs of each individual nail type. Bonding enhancers optimize the bonding capabilities of LCN UV/LED gels. The thin application actually scrubbed into the nail gives the best result. For example, a pot of bonding can last six months. Bio Bond puts much-needed moisture back into an extremely dehydrated nail. Bonder Intense is a non-acid bond for the average nail plate, Bond Extra gives 10% acidity to work with the damaged, acrylic transition, or oily, moist nail plates. Connex Silver Plus is air-dried and adds that Mycotic agent to the troubled nail plate. AFO is 15% acidic for your extreme lifting problems.


LCN building resins offer strength, quality and choice for sculpting and filling nails. Whether you choose One Component or Sculpture to give a nail enhancement with medium flexibility, or Cosmiq, the newer improved version with Moondust added for stability, you will achieve a quality nail. Bondique gives the flexible nails a beautiful overlay or sporty length, and the newer Black Diamond version has added strength. For the more extreme shapes, the Fibertech with added fibreglass provides optimum durability.

LCN products
LCN professional nail products
LCN product colour range

Nail Art

Aurora Beauty Company supports the professionals in the industry and loves to partner with like-minded artists. Gina, who is an ACE Akzentz International Educator, has developed jewelry for the nails using Swarovski Crystals and created simple, effective designs that are in demand and can be reused. We support her endeavour as a fellow Akzentz educator and sell Crystal Culture. This nail art is only for professionals and requires some training and special tools. We also carry general nail art supplies to create many different looks and offer classes to teach you how to use these products.



Akzentz also has the traditional acrylic system to create nail enhancements and all the supplies to produce a beautiful nail. The ACRYLITE® system is a blend of gel and acrylic that is cured with UV and has no odour, so we call it our odourless acrylic system. You can sculpt and provide overlays with this product without fumes or dust and with the durability of an acrylic. We provide training one-on-one in your environment to support your learning and to make sure you get suited with the right product system.

view of a makeup kit


Aurora Beauty Company supports you, the professional, with tools that work for you. As a nail technician, using a good e-file can make a difference in your timing and can save your wrists. We match you with the proper e-file and give you the basic instructions to operate and understand your equipment. We choose Medicool because of the quality you get for the price and the expertise from years of being in business. We carry a basic unit, a tabletop unit, a portable unit and the new digital portable unit. We carry the ceramic, diamond and carbide bits to go with as well. As estheticians, we support the use of a e-file for both manicure and pedicure work. Not only does this save your wrists, but it also provides a cost-effective method of sterilizing your bits. We teach an advanced foot care course that teaches the use of a e-file for medi-spa pedicures and sell the vacuum e-file with the suction in the hand piece along with the NASP bits and implements. For all professionals dealing with the airborne dust concern, we recommend switching to the e-file with the suction in the hand piece.



LCN Colour Gels give you endless options as a UV/LED light cured permanent polish or for nail art creations. The density of the colour pigments allows for thin application yet vibrant colour. Colour gel is recommended to use after sculpting and follow with LCN sealant.


Specialty Gels

LCN has unique gels that revolutionize the nail industry. Leaders in the nail category LCN have always set the stage for nail technicians.


Fibertech Express Repair is a gel that contains micro-fine fibres to repair cracked natural nails or repair an extension. This one-step repair gel resin is essentially a “band-aid” for the nail.


BIO Glass contains unique compounds that are compatible with the human body and work with the nail to avoid lifting. Its special inorganic composition supports new nail growth and improves the adhesion on a damaged nail.


Natural Nail Boost is a solvent-resistant permanent natural nail base coat UV/LED cured that is designed to protect the natural nail and ensure growth and protection from repeated use of gel polishes. This step-up manicure product gives a thin overlay in shiny, French, or matte for men. A perfect alternative to go under gel polish applications for the damaged nail or to help your client repair their nails while taking a break or to give the perfect long-lasting manicure.


LCN 3-in-1 Build Gel is designed to be used as its base, strength and shine for a durable and strong nail. Whether you are doing an overlay or sculpting a full nail this gel will perform as an all in one product.

LCN ultra gel
natural nail boost gel
Bio glass gel


LCN Wilde Pedique Silver Plus “Flexible Gel Toenails Made for Life in a Shoe”

A true breakthrough in cosmetic toenail beautification. As the beauty industry’s only anti-mycotic, light curing one component pedicure resin, Pedique is used to create long-lasting French pedicures and restore lost or broken toenails. Available in clear, pink, opaque, pastel, white.


The Brace application is used with Pedique to give a non-surgical treatment option for ingrown toenails.


New Products

Check out the latest nail products from Akzentz. Aurora Beauty Company carries a wide selection of new items to fit your needs.

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