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Professional Products and Education for Skin and Body Care from Aurora Beauty Company. At Aurora Beauty Company, we provide a wide range of products and tools to the licensed professional. For the esthetician who tends to lean more towards the natural healing side of the industry, we teach aromatherapy and natural skincare and body care. For the esthetician that wants the science aspect along with the natural, we offer Cara Skin Care with the opportunity to learn and perform the 3 types of medical-grade peels to get excellent results. For our hair removal brands, we carry Épillyss full waxing systems, equipment and Satin Smooth waxing system. We partner with Footlogix, a medi-spa foot care line, and train in the product. We partner with LCN foot care products and systems. We run classes to advance the professional in their understanding when dealing with diabetic clients, in-grown toenails and the epidemic of fungal conditions. This section gives the professional all aspects of what we need to deal with the skin from head to toe.


At Aurora Beauty Company, we are committed to providing skincare products of the highest standards. The products we distribute include:


The Power of Peels

Whether you are looking for an effective clinical treatment or a luxurious spa experience, Cara Skin Care delivers amazing results. Aurora Beauty Company represents Cara Skin Care on all levels with demonstrations, product knowledge, classes, spa launch and ongoing support. Our technical support lends a hand from the understanding to build your clientele.


Cara Chemical Peel Certificate Course

This intense 2-day Chemical Peel Course will teach you the safe application of chemical peels, the importance of proper client consultation, contraindications and help you understand the ingredients used to deliver this amazing result-driven service. You will experience a chemical peel on your own skin, as well you will perform various chemical peels during this informative course. This course is a must for any esthetician or skincare specialist wanting to keep up with the demands of today's clientele


This powerful dynamic Medi-Spa line was designed for the professional that wants a line that is results-driven. Each product is loaded with science and nature combined to give you multi-purpose quality. The training that comes with the product will energize and excite you to dive into your treatments, and your customers will respond immediately with joy at the changes in their skin. Then add the dynamic of the power of peels to the mix, and your clients will love what you are offering. The science covers all of the important skincare needs, including Retinol A and Peptides. The natural side removes any harmful paraben and uses aromatherapy for so many purposes. This is a product to have in your treatment cabin.


Microdermabrasion Course

Expand your skills. Learn the effective and extremely gentle treatment of rejuvenation of the skin. Your clients will benefit from deeper penetrating antioxidants. Microdermabrasion continues to be a leader in skin rejuvenation, production of healthy cells, collagen and elastin—must know-how for all estheticians.


Pure Intense Cleanser - oily, problematic, acneic skin

 Pure Mild Cleansing Gel - sensitive, rosacea, compromised skin

Glyco-10 Exfoliating Cleanser - mature, dry, damaged

 PureEssence Sensitive Toner

Platinum CC Anti-Aging Serum - all skin

Vita A Retinol Serum - all skin

Glyco-15 Corrective Serum - mature, dry, damaged, hyperpigmented, oily, acneic skin

HydraCalm Soothing Serum - sensitive, damaged, rosacea, post-treatment

 Amicelle Anti-Line Serum - mature, dry, all skin

 Bio-Peptide Firming Serum - mature, dry, damaged, all skin

Silc Radiance Repair Serum - all skin

HydraCell Hyaluronic Day and Night Cream - all skin

 Pure Citrus Day Cream - oily, problematic, combination, all skin

 CellMX Moisture Cream - all skin

 PostTX Remedy Soothing Cream - sensitive, rosacea, post-treatment, all skin

Pumpkin Heat Exfoliating Mask - all skin

 Multi-Active Scrub - all skin

 PhytoMud Pore-Minimizing Mask - oily, problematic, combination, all skin

 Soothing Recovery Mask - sensitive, acneic, rosacea, post-treatment, all skin

 Revida Eye Cream

 Revida Eye Gel

 Soothing Duo Eye Makeup Remover

Illuminating Moisture Tint

 Daily Solar Guard - all skin

Cara skin care products
Cara skin care


Footlogix Pediceuticals

This revolutionary foot care line delivers transformational results to your clients by providing a lightweight non-occlusive mousse that gives fast, effective relief to repair, rejuvenate and ultimately alleviate a variety of foot-related skin conditions. The feet will go from woe to WOW. This complete line gives you professional confidence in your services and the results for the clients. Aurora Beauty Company has been with Footlogix since the beginning when Katharin von Gavel launched her line in Canada. In fact, we have a long-standing history partnering with her company and providing the advanced training of Podology over the years to the professionals in Northern B.C. We are very proud of the role we have played in the industry as we partner with like-minded companies to bring opportunities and excellence to the professional. You can make a difference in your community when you advance your skills. We support salons and spas with product knowledge and marketing when you partner with us.


LCN has specialized in foot care from Germany for over 30+ years. They have developed many products for the pedicure experience. The MYKOSEPT line is dedicated to the onychomycosis and tinea pedis that is so prevalent in our treatments. Mykosept contains a mycotic agent in the products to start the healing and prevention process. Whether you try the oil, spray, foam, cream or use the base gel these products are a must have in your tool box. The UREA line specializes in healing the skin while moisturizing and softening the skin. The CITRUS line is refreshing for treatment. We have varied stock depending on promotions going on.

Akzentz New York
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Vienna Collection
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Akzentz Capture
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Akzentz product details
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Aurora Beauty Company supplies a variety of products to use for the manicure service. We tend to be more customized in this area to your menu and offerings:


Akzentz has a beautiful cuticle oil, nail strengthener and general supplies along with gel polish.

Footlogix is known to be completely used in manicures as it is fragrance-free and works beautifully with the hands. We can teach you how this product has many uses and, therefore, cost-effective to you while you offer a more therapeutic manicure.

woman showing nail art
pedicure and manicure
Nail therapy
anti age cream

LCN has vegan polish that comes in small travel size and seasonal colors. They have cuticle softener, nail oil, nail serum, nail hardener, top and base coat, quick dry, nail growth serum and onysept to deal with onychomycosis. They have high quality hand cream and an anti-aging formula to nourish dry aging hands.



We have an Organic Canadian line that we support with various products. They grow their own essential oils and create responsible products for the environment.

We have unscented body massage lotion and coconut oil for different types of massage. Unscented facial creams and scrubs. Lavender scrub, soak and lotion. Shampoo and conditioner for the family. Hand sanitizer and soaps for the salon and spa.

We have CHOPPER a beautiful simply organic men’s line that supports our Men’s Grooming Classes and Traditional Wet Shave.

We carry a natural paraffin line that uses jojoba oil, aloe oil, acai berry oil and coconut oil along with natural fragrance. 

We carry ADEEVA nutritional supplements and support the spa with education in this specialty.

We carry essential oils and encourage the use of in treatment with education to understand this pure way of well-being


Adeeva nutritional supplements
dropper bottles
True Peach
Men's Chopper


Aurora Beauty Company has partnered with Épillyss waxing systems from Canada and EquiPro equipment. This waxing line has a wide variety of lukewarm waxes, hard waxes and sugar wax. We carry the complete line, along with the back bar products and EquiPro’s high-quality wax heaters. We provide advanced wax classes when we have a group that wants to build on their Brazilian, hard wax, sugar and marketing skills. We can help you expand in this area and troubleshoot with our years of experience.

epillyss advanced depilatory solutions
product details
epillyss product
Equipr equipment


Aurora Beauty partners with NASP in promoting their programs and representing their tools and bits and the BS Brace. We special order the complete kit and sell the pieces to trained professionals. We also partner with LCN and teach the brace technique in our advanced pedicure class along with PEDIQUE - reconstructing a damaged toenail. We sell the Medicool foot care bits, e-file and teach advanced tools and pedicure techniques.



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