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Aurora Beauty Company gives back to the industry and communities in many ways. We support the professionals in their endeavours on many levels, including donations, draws, education and launching brands. We also like to support the communities in the interior and northern B.C. with volunteer work and donations. An area of personal interest over the last ten years for Michelle has been the Look Good Feel Better program, where she was a part of that program as an anonymous esthetician/wig person. She believes in giving back as the industry has been so good to her and personal experiences make it important. Another portion that is dear to her heart is the GIFT OF LOVE wig store that she operates from Aurora Beauty Company on a small scale. With over ten years of experience in fitting, trimming, colouring and making wigs a reality for so many women, men and children, she wants each person to have the support they need, whether they are experiencing treatment, alopecia, hair thinning or general concerns. This private consultation is booked and treated very professionally with care, kindness and a general concern for your happiness. Whether she is showing you the options for thinning hair, fitting a wig or helping you find the resources you need, her dedication speaks volumes. Recently added to her experience is Oncology Esthetics, which gives another touch towards understanding your journey and providing the proper services needed as she develops more into this area for the professionals and patients.


Aurora Beauty Company has a new team member that brings a unique skill set to the team. Antonio Cuzzetto has 35+ years as a stylist, salon owner and platform artist under his belt. He has also operated his services for wigs and toppers for many years fitting and performing customizations that are a work of art. Now acting as a partner Antonio also brings his passion and attention to the people needing help with wigs, hair pieces and full toppers. The combination of his skill and years of experience take a simple piece and transform them into a personal experience. His gentle manner is caring and his expertise of color, texture and style has elevated the service offered as a gift of love from Aurora Beauty. Giving back and making everyone beautiful Antonio shares his creativity and passion with the professional and those needing to feel good again.

woman wearing wigs

Wigs are very personalized similar to the experience of purchasing a bra. Each wig fits differently, and there is an art to being able to match the style, colour and fit with your life, face and head shape. It is not a perfect science, but experience brings a more positive outcome. Whether it is the trim of the bangs, the exact fit or the advice to guide you through this journey, the understanding is comforting and creates a smoother process.

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If you are from out of town, you can call 250-563-8025 to have a general chat or email at . You can send a picture of your last hairstyle, and we can guide you through some general measurements so that, when you come for your fitting, we will have a few options for you. We will accommodate the weekend for you if we know in advance. If you are in town, you can call the store but the actual fitting needs to be booked as Michelle and Antonio travel for business and we need to coordinate schedules. If you are going through treatment, allow 2-3 weeks for this process as we may have to order and allow for schedules. There is something for everyone, but the challenge can be finding the perfect wig, so you must give us time to do so – otherwise, we carry a substantial stock to choose from. We are different in the way that Michelle and/or Antonio does the fitting, so it is not a stop, shop and grab kind of experience. For hygiene purposes and the care of high-quality wigs, we prefer to assist you and provide more of a private, supportive experience. We are all about the service and added value for those that appreciate a more personal touch.

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